CAPUTULO 1: Capitulo 1 "El Inicio De Projecting Dreams"

When Rene finally decides to leave his job and strives to follow his dreams, leaving behind many things he realizes that traveling is one of the best things in life, and that you learn many things from it, thanks to the first trip I made with a 150cc motorcycle from Mexico to Ecuador, Projecting Dreams was born.

Capitulo 2 Coahuila, "En Busca Del Poblado Antiguos Mineros:

After touring Nuevo Leon and the loss of memories in his cameras, Rene decides to go to Coahuila where he will face new adventures and meet two small towns, "Antiguo Mineros" and "La Vega" at the Sierra de Coahuila

Capitulo 3 Chihuahua (Sierra Tarahumara) , Etapa 1: Una Ruta Magica Se Aproxima

On tha way to Tierras of the state of Chihuahua, Rene finds a place called Parral where to rest a few days, in Parral they recommend going to know the Sierra Tarahumara, and without knowing it, a totally incredible route will approach.

Capitulo 3 Chihuahua (Sierra Tarahumara), Parte 2: “Los Misterios De Estas Tierras"

Wandering the mountains, our friends found Javier Olguin stranded, who after helping him were invited to go to Choguita, a town in the heart of the Sierra Tarahumara, and for his good luck, Holy Week arrived, where Catholic traditions are celebrated, and in town, they have a peculiar tradition.

Capitulo 3 Chihuahua (Sierra Tarahumara) , Etapa 3: "Conociendo A Los Rarámuri"

After knowing some places around Choguita, Rene shows us what life is like in those places, a life set apart by luxuries and technology, even in some places they still do not have electricity and other basic services to which we are accustomed in the city.

Capitulo 3 Chihuahua (Sierra Tarahumara), Etapa 4 : Adiós Chihuahua (Rene buscando novia Rarámuri)

The last place that our friends decide to visit is the town of Batopilas, where Rene finds a shelter called Yerbabuena, in this shelter they are living Raramuris children, where they give them school education and food, to guide them in this beautiful stage that is childhood.

Capitulo 4: Amigos En El Viaje, Y Algunos No Tan Amigos

After leaving Chihuahua, they go to Baja California, on this route they show us how along the way they make new friends, and some not so friends.

Capitulo 5: Los Niños Del Desierto

Once in Baja California, they realize that there are not many communities in these places, since they have to go into the desert to find those villages so far away, and our friends decided to take the other way to make 400km of pure desert and find the town called El Barril, where they received them very well.

Capitulo 6: Un Descanso Obligatorio

After some months enduring a pain near the stomach, we finally knew what was happening and after surgery, we forced ourselves to take a short break!


This chapter is dedicated to the Family:


Rosales Bernal, who have always been supporting Projecting Dreams!

Capitulo 7: Donde carajos esta Rene y donde esta Simba?

In this chapter we explain why our absence. A mandatory rest for a surgery made us rest a season, in what we took advantage of to work in order to obtain resources to continue projecting movies.

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