Vlog #1, Equipaje Para Viaje En Moto Por Latinoamérica

In this Vlog we will show you the essential luggage to carry your adventure, both clothing and some tips that will help you save space



Vlog #2, Como Lavar Ropa Mientras Viajamos En Motocicleta?

In this Vlog we will show you how you can do laundry while riding a motorcycle! Yes, it is possible, even if you travel as a backpacker you can do it too

Vlog #3, Por Que Usar Dry-Fit?

In this Vlog we show you why it is essential to travel with Dry-Fit garments


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Vlog #4 Herramientas Para Viaje En Motocicleta

For a long time I wanted to make this video, showing the different tools that I usually use for a long trip. I hope it is clear and it is complete for you.

Vlog#5 “#TagDelMotoviajero”

Friends in this Vlog we answer questions where our friend Jorge of Impulso Aventurero , tag us in a dynamic called #TagDelMotoviajero here his channel:


And we tag to Mario Alvarez from "Alvarez Traveler" now he will have to meet the challenge! here your channel:

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